March into Merivale

Brand Identity & Web Design

March into Merivale is a five-week Sydney food and wine festival showcasing first-class food, desserts and drinks from over 50 of Merivale’s restaurants and bars. 


I worked heavily on every facet of March into Merivale, including the developing the identity of "Guilty Pleasures", using provocatively striking imagery to delve into your deepest desires. I chose an unabashedly youthful and bold colour palette that demands instant attention.


I developed and created the logo used throughout all event material, ensuring that the end result was clean and easily legible whilst remaining polished, with an editorialised edge that would work well within theme.

I also created two brochures for the event, selecting images and organising content, working closely with the marketing team to ensure that events are covered appropriately. Over 20,000 brochures were printed for the event and placed in the weekend portion of the SMH.


I retouched and colour corrected images, digitally composited new images, and assisted in art direction of the visual design and structure of the website, as well as creating various web assets used.